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Nucleus IP offers unrivalled experience

Our experience in registering and protecting trade marks is unrivalled. Formerly known as the Trade Mark Owners’ Association, Nucleus IP is a specialist firm of Registered Trade Mark Attorneys, first registered in London on December 3rd 1886, becoming part of Nucleus the brand + digital agency in 2005.

We currently manage trade marks in more than 200 countries, including worldwide portfolios for multi-nationals and individual trade marks for start-ups. Our longevity is testament to the care, expertise and rigour we apply to all our work, registering and protecting trade marks, designs and copyright for brand owners around the world.

Deal or No Deal Brexit – Business as Usual for Nucleus IP

The current proposed EU withdrawal agreement includes a transitional period following the UK’s withdrawal, which will give clarity regarding the future treatment of those IP rights currently governed by EU. Read More

.EU Domain names and Brexit

While there is still much uncertainty around the exact terms and conditions of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, on 28 March 2018 the European Commission issued the following notice regarding .eu domain names registered by UK residents. Read More

Beware of Trade Mark scams

For further information about trade mark scams, please click here.