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Unrivalled experience; innovative solutions

The laws concerning brand protection are evolving faster now than at any time in history. Successful brands invariably attract imitators, but brand owners now have a wide range of tools and options enabling them to safeguard their rights.

Our forward-thinking attorneys offer a wide variety of professional experience with backgrounds in firms of Solicitors, Registered Trade Mark Attorneys and in-house legal departments. Our focus is to deliver value to our clients by understanding their issues and by looking at the wider context in which they operate. Understanding the challenges and opportunities our clients face enables us to create commercial and innovative solutions to meet their needs.

We protect Trade Marks in every country of the world where registration is possible and can therefore advise you on both national and international protection, making maximum use of various conventions and international arrangements to ensure that your brand is kept safe in all your key markets at a price you can afford.

As part of the Nucleus Group, the World’s first Brand + Digital + Intellectual Property Consultancy, we are in the unique position of being able to advise and help at all stages of the brand cycle, from initial brainstorming and brand name creation through brand identity to brand protection and product launch, international development and beyond.

Whilst brand protection remains the bedrock of our business, we also offer the same high level of commercial and constructive advice in a wide range of related areas, such as licensing, acquisitions and disposals, infringement issues and more.

Nucleus IP is regulated by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board.